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Q:        Why do I find only specific products (except carbon brushes) and not a full range of them?

A:        Our company sources the materials from companies that are closing either themselves or some of their warehouses as well as from businesses that no longer need them, so it has a certain stock and we cannot ensure, when and if, we will find more for this one in the future. For this reason, we offer only what we have in stock.    For Carbon Brushes we have a close co-operation with Manufacturer, and we can offer a full range of them.


Q:        I can’t find a carbon brush, I’m looking for. What to do.

A:          The company has a close collaboration with a manufacturer-company, which offer quality products, so if you don’t find what are you looking for, send us an e-mail at info@vtcsolar.gr and we’ll let you know within 24 hours what we can do and when.


Q:      Why are the products so cheap?

A:          The company bought the products at very competitive prices and therefore can offer them at prices that are very rarely found in the market.



Q:     And what about quality? 

A:           Most products are in original packaging. All products are subject to an initial inspection upon purchase. And finally, if the customer receives a product that does not work as it should, we immediately refund him, and the product is returned at our expense.


Q:      Is the product what I see or one with similar features?

A:        The product is exactly what it appears in terms of brand, type description. Reliability is very important to us.


Q:    I found a product I need but it doesn’t have as much stock as I want? What happens in this case?

A:        We can only offer the stock we have. The decision is yours whether you will get as much as we offer from us and the rest from another store or if you would prefer to get it all from one store. Whatever you decide is completely respected.


Q:   What about the warranty? 

A:        What we certify to our customers is that if there is the slightest problem, we immediately take the material back and compensate them. If we have other in stock we can replace it or not, it depends on customer’s choice.



Delivery – Payments

Q:     I found what I need, how soon I will have it 

A:        Orders that entered the system and settled by 12:30 (Monday – Friday, local time) 95% will leave the same day or latest the next working day. In Greece we cooperate with General Taxydromiki and abroad with UPS Global.


Q:    I receive the Voucher-Nr. I search it, in UPS site but I can’t find any info

A:        Internal transportation in Greece is not traced in UPS-Site. For this reason, you see the info appr. 24 hours after the first notification which is the time that the purchase is in UPS premises


Q:    Can I choose another courier on my cost? 

A:        Yes of course this option is available. In that case, you should prepare the appropriate papers for the courier, give the release to them and send us via e-mail (info@vtcsolar.gr) them in order to bring it to their local office


Q:    The transportation cost cover Duties and other expenses in destination country?

A:        No, for countries outside EU, any costs that will be raised by the arrival in the destination country will be payed by the Bayer.


Q:         Available Payment terms

A:        You can pay the order via Bank Transfer to Greek Bank, with the use of Visa, Mastercard, via Paypal and via Stripe.


After Sales


Q:    I get e-mails to evaluate the purchase experience in vtcsolar-shop. Why to answer?

A:        An e-mail evaluating your experience with our store is automatically received upon completion of the purchase. And a reminder email may still come. Basically, we are asking you to tell us everything is good or what we need to improve. It is very important to us. We appreciate your feedback


Q:         I Why to choose VTCSolar to cover my needs?

A:        The Owners are people with a lot of experience in the Industry and the reason we created it is that we saw that many Company’s keep very high inventories of spare parts to meet immediate needs and many of them were kept in stock for years. At the same time, when a spare part was needed that was not in stock took from hours to several weeks to be found. So, we decided to proceed with this effort. We guarantee that what you buy will be what you see and that in case of even a suspicion that it is not working properly we will take it back immediately without any charge.


Do you have more questions. Please send it to us: info@vtcsolar.gr

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