Customer support dominates VTCSolar IKE’s strategy. and is an important condition for maintaining and further strengthening the relationship of trust with our customers. As part of your immediate and most efficient service, the company provides a full range of products through the website of its online store in any of the following ways facilitates you:

Online Order Steps
Following steps to submit an online order:

  1. Find the products you are interested in and clicking on the In Cart
  2. Go to Cart in order to finalize your order.
  3. Completing Order option, you will follow the steps to complete your order. You must choose the Delivery Point you want as well as the Payment Method that facilitates you.
  4. Upon completion and registration of your order you will immediately receive an automated, confirmation e-mail with the unique code and all the necessary details of the order you just placed.


  1. All orders placed are confirmation of the website user’s acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. VTCSolar IKE may refuse an order for any reason.
  3. Should the products ordered not be available, VTCSolar IKE will notify the customer. The customer will then be given the opportunity to either wait for the goods to return to stock (for products that this will be possible), or cancel the order and be issued with a full refund within 10 days.
  4. All orders are subject to availability.

Payment and Price

  1. The price of the goods will be clearly displayed on the products page within the website. This price does not include delivery charges.
  2. The complete price, including VAT and delivery charges can always be seen in the shopping cart, before completing your order.
  3. Wherever possible we ensure our prices are fixed and remain constant
  4. We accept all major credit and debit cards, details of which are displayed within the website.
  5. Incorrect information may result in a delay with your order.
  6. It is the customers responsibility to provide VTCSolar IKE with:
    o accurate card details
    o an accurate billing address
    o accurate contact details (telephone and e-mail)


  1. Orders delivered throughout the UK will usually be dispatched and delivered within 1-4 working days once the order has been accepted by both parties and payment has been cleared.
  2. QualityBearingsOnline takes no liability for the losses, costs, damages or expenses incurred by the delay in delivery of goods.
  3. If we are currently showing no stock for an item you have ordered we will notify you and you will be given the entitlement to either wait until they return to stock, or cancel the order and receive a full refund within 28 days.
  4. Delivery will be made to the address detailed by the customer.
  5. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place to take delivery.

    Cancellations and Returns
  6. The customer may cancel the order at any point prior to dispatch.
  7. Should the customer wish to cancel the order prior to dispatch, payment shall be refunded in full within 28 days.
  8. The customer should inspect the products upon receipt and notify QualityBearingsOnline within 3 days should the goods be faulty or damaged.
  9. Should the customer fail to notify QualityBearingsOnline within 3 days, the customer will be judged to have accepted the goods.
  10. Should the products be faulty or damaged, QualityBearingsOnline shall take responsibility for recovery of the goods from the customer within 28 days of delivery. The customer will also be entitled to a full refund if the goods are deemed to be faulty/damaged by QualityBearingsOnline.
  11. It is entirely the responsibility of the customer to notify QualityBearingsOnline should they receive any incorrect products or a shortage of products, within 3 days of acceptance of delivery.
  12. Any money to be refunded will be paid back to the same method of original payment, for example PayPal or Credit Card.


Should you have any complaint, please contact us through the details listed on the contact page. We will attempt to reply to any complaint within 7 days, with informative information regarding the action that will be taken to resolve your issue. We appreciate any feedback from customers and endeavour to ensure your shopping experience with us is as enjoyable and problem free as possible.